7 Steps To Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo

Fonts, lettering, typography, characters, print, typeface, no matter what you call them, they are vital to your brand!

As a designer, fonts are like second nature to me. I can walk down an aisle at the grocery store and probably rattle off way more fonts that I see on product packaging than I'd like to admit! But to almost everyone else, fonts are probably a mystery! There are tens of thousands to pick from and that might seem awfully overwhelming! And that's okay, it was to me at first too!

7 Steps To Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo - FREE Guide

Now, I don't expect you to become an expert, but I do want to show you why fonts are important and how to have fun with finding and choosing fonts that are right for you!

Why are fonts so important?

Before starting any of my custom-made logo design projects, I always have my clients complete a logo design questionnaire. About halfway through the form, I have a question that reads:

"For your typography, do you have any font preferences (such as bold, light, all caps, all lowercase, handwritten, etc.)?"

Here are a few of the actual answers I've received in the past:

  • Umm, not really as long as it looks good!

  • This would be the department I'm the worst at.

  • Whatever works with the whole package, which do you feel works best?

  • Once I click a drop-down there are always just too many to choose from.

  • I don’t knowwwwww... I think I'm more of a sans-serif kind of gal, but I go back and forth. HELP ME!!

Yes, these are actual responses I've received. And my personal favorite:

  • Surprise me!

Well, in my opinion, a font is just as important as the colors and an icon or symbol. You should choose something that of course you like, but that also is a fabulous representation of your brand. Seriously, if I surprised a male-owned construction company with a feminine cursive font, do you think that would go over very well? Probably not!

7 Steps To Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo - FREE Guide

Download My FREE 7-Step Font Guide!

    How to choose the best fonts!

    Like almost everything else online these days, there are dozens of resources available to help you find fonts. I'm going to share with you one particular site that I have come to know and LOVE!! Not only do they have thousands of fonts to choose from, but they cleverly sort them by category and style to help you narrow down the ones you prefer.

    PLUS (and this is where it gets really fun!) you can see an instant, live preview for virtually all of the fonts available! All you need to do is enter your name, tagline, or any other text you’d like to see to quickly rule fonts in or out of your wish list!

    Oh, and the good news doesn't stop there! All of the fonts are free to download! Yup, FREE!

    In my free guide, 7 Steps To Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo, I walk you through the process, then you can spend some time narrowing down your favorites! You don't have to pick just one, heck I'd recommend having at least 3 favorites (if not more)!

    Being able to nail down specific fonts by name instead of asking me to "surprise you" will save us both a lot of time, trial-and-error, and unnecessary revisions.

    Curious about different font styles & categories?

    Before I set you loose on your font finding mission, my 7-step free font guide also gives you a little context to help you make sense of some of the most common font categories out there!

    The 4 most common font categories:

    • Type 1 | Sans Serif

    • Type 2 | Serif

    • Type 3 | Script

    • Type 4 | Novelty

    Once you’ve seen the differences in font styles & categories, my 7-step guide provides you with the step-by-step instructions and screenshots of exactly how to choose the best font for your logo!

    My guide covers 7 simple steps!

    Drum roll please… this is where you get to dig in and get started! I’m breaking down the 7 steps so you can quickly and easily use my favorite online resource to choose the best font for your new logo or next creative project! Using clear instructions and screenshots from the site, I’ve covered it all for you!

    The 7 simple steps:

    • Step 1 | A free online resource

    • Step 2 | Category selection

    • Step 3 | Custom preview

    • Step 4 | Browse & preview fonts

    • Step 5 | Select & download fonts

    • Step 6 | Verify licensing

    • Step 7 | Install, share, & enjoy

    7 Steps To Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo - FREE Guide

    Download My FREE 7-Step Font Guide!

      And that's it!

      You can now install them on your computer to test them out, send them to me to include in your Digital Proofs, or anything else you want to with them. Enjoy!

      I hope this guide is helpful and creates a fun project for you to get excited about your new logo design! And of course, if there are any other questions you have or anything else I could help you out with, please don't hesitate to contact me with an email or DM on Instagram!

      Casey Evans from Brand With Ease

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