Easy Cheat Sheet For Understanding Graphics File Types

Do you have a love-hate relationship with graphics & images? I’m going to assume that if you’re here the answer is probably YES!! To someone who doesn’t work with them day in and day out, they can seem overwhelming… but they don’t have to!

JPG’s and PNG’s and GIF’s, oh my! You know what they are, you try to use them responsibly, but just when you think you’ve got them figured out… BAM, that tricky little graphics file gets all screwed up and messes with your whole plan!

Easy Cheat Sheet For Understanding Graphics File Types - FREE Guide

Are you ready for clarity and confidence when working with graphics file types? Wouldn’t you love the comfort of not only knowing the differences between a JPG and a PNG, but also knowing exactly when to use each one? Working on the design and branding of your own business or project content should be fun, exciting, and empowering… not defeating or frustrating!


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    Ready to make understanding file types a breeze?

    What should you do with all those different file types that you received with your new logo package?

    Which file type is your go-to for your blog post graphics?

    What about posting to your Instagram Stories?

    And you can’t forget those Pinterest templates you’ve got started in Canva!

    My super easy cheat sheet provides a quick explanation of the most common graphics file types, plus a handy reference chart so you know exactly when to use each one!

    Which graphics file types are included?

    My free cheat covers the 7 most common graphics files types that I use every day as a graphic designer! If you’re a blogger or any other kind of solopreneur, I’m positive that you’ve run into at least half of these at one point in your online journey!

    Ready to learning something you probably don’t know yet?

    Sure, you’ve heard of a JPG, a PDF, and probably even a PSD… but do you know what each of those acronym’s actual stands for? Allow me to put on my graphic nerd glasses for a moment while I break them down for you!

    The 7 most common graphics file types:

    • JPG → Joint Photographic Experts Group

    • PNG → Portable Network Graphics

    • GIF → Graphics Interchange Format

    • PSD → Photoshop Document

    • PDF → Portable Document Format

    • EPS → Encapsulated Postscript

    • AI → Adobe Illustrator

    You're going to love my awesome cheat sheet!

    Originally I created my graphics file type cheat sheet as a tool to provide my design clients when I handed over all of the file assets for their new logo package. It seemed like I was always getting questions about which file types they should use and where!

    Soon after I started including this with all of my projects, I started getting lots of great feedback… and I realized that it’s valuable to a wider range of peeps than I originally intended!

    "Your cheat sheet is seriously the most clear and easy-to-read version I've seen. Thank you for this, you really go above and beyond!"

    — Samhita R. / SRR Consulting


    Download My FREE Easy Cheat Sheet!

      Got Questions?

      Don’t forget that I’m a pretty big graphics nerd (and I may or may not still have those nerd glasses on!).

      I would love to hear from you if you have any other questions about graphics file types that I haven’t already covered above or in my cheat sheet! Please don't hesitate to contact me with an email or DM on Instagram!


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