How To Create A Stunning Mood Board In 5 Simple Steps (Includes FREE Canva Templates)

Chances are you’ve seen lots of gorgeous mood boards floating around the internet these days! I seriously can’t spend 5 minutes scrolling Pinterest without seeing at least a few of them slide by!

The primary purpose of a Mood Board is simple — to set the mood for the color and style of something. That could be your new logo, your website, a living room makeover, or even to choose outfits for an upcoming family photoshoot!

While Mood Boards can be used to serve many purposes, today I’m focusing on using them for your business or personal brand. If you’re getting frustrated with trying to keep the most important aspects of your brand in check (you know, the logos, colors, fonts, images, and even patterns), I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’re having serious FOMO and you’re dying to create your own stunning Mood Board, but you’re unsure how to put one together, let me show you how it’s done!


What Is A Mood Board?

Mood Boards and Brand Boards are handy documents that combine brand elements together into a gorgeous graphic display. They make it easy to convey a brand’s voice and personality — in one convenient glance!

Having these boards makes it easy to showcase every important asset of a visual brand and are helpful to look at to make sure that what you’re designing is in line with your brand identity!

Create Your Mood Board In 5 Simple Steps!

There are 5 simple steps to creating a stunning Mood Board and I’m breaking down each one for you! PLUS I’m sharing awesome BONUS RESOURCES so you will never feel stuck at any step! Using Canva, a free graphic design tool website, we’ll go from blank template to finished masterpiece in a matter of no time!

Excited? I hope so! Let’s get started!


Step #1 → Determine The Layout

Pssst… I have a template for that!

The first step before you can dig into the fun stuff is to figure out how you’re going to layout your board elements so you know where to place all of the goodies you’re going to add.

You can either design a layout from scratch using a variety of graphics tools built into Canva or you can start with a template that already has everything placed and measured out perfectly!


If you’d like to get your hands on one of my Canva templates to get started, you can download it for FREE here:


Get Your FREE Mood Board Template For Canva

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    Step #2 → Add Your Logo or Brand Name

    There’s 3 different ways to do it!

    One of the most important elements of a branding strategy is brand recognition... and I like to say that your logo is the head honcho of recognition!

    Some variation of your logo or brand name should be visible on #allthethings that you create to circulate online!

    For the sake of a Mood Board design, you can choose to go a few different ways with this:

    • Keep it simple by using a text version of your business or brand name as a header or footer

    • Step it up a notch by including your icon or symbol, either by itself or as an overlay on a photo

    • Go all out by adding your complete full-color logo into its own space or section of the Mood Board


    If you don’t currently have an actual logo, I have an online Logo Shop with over 55 pre-made designs to choose from that you can get customized in 24 hours! Check out my Logo Shop now!


    Step #3 → Select Your Photos

    HINT: You can get them for free!

    If you’ve got a large collection of photos that you’re using for your business, fantastic! This step will probably come super easy to you!

    But one of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to customizing my templates is about how to get great looking photos! When it comes to putting together a Mood Board, you’ve got 3 options for this step:

    • Follow a kick-ass tutorial that you find online and take your own photos

    • Hire someone to have a professional brand photoshoot done

    • Use high-quality stock photography

    The route you choose will likely depend on a combination of how much time you’ve got available and how much money you want to throw at this step! If you’re leaning towards taking the quick and free route, then I’ve got a great tip below!


    I highly recommend that you check out! They have a huge selection of over 1 million free images & royalty-free stock photos to choose from! Their wide selection and high quality available makes this a must-go-to site for me!


    Step #4 → Choose A Color Palette

    This is my FAVORITE part!

    To this day, selecting colors for logo design and branding projects is still my absolute favorite part of the process! When I open a new artboard to start browsing through all those color palettes, I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas or a camel on Wednesday… you get the idea!

    Colors are critical to maintaining brand consistency! If you’ve already got a logo then you will definitely have an advantage when it comes to adding colors to your Mood Board. Even if your logo is only 1-color (and especially if it's black) you should still select a color palette for your brand!

    Once you've committed to those colors and locked them into your Mood Board, you can really have fun and use them in a variety of ways (such as patterns!).


    You should check out my blog post: How To Select The Perfect Colors For Your Logo (don’t worry, it applies to color selection of any kind!)… In that post you can also download my 20-page PDF and use it to choose from hundreds of available Pantone colors for your new Mood Board design — it's like the paint aisle at your local home improvement store! Get My Color Reference Guide!


    Step #5 → Pick Your Patterns!

    The possibilities are endless!

    I suppose this step can be optional if you’d prefer to skip it! Patterns aren’t for everyone but the creative graphic designer in me really loves them!

    You can quickly and easily create a basic pattern using Canva by dropping in a logo, icon, or symbol and adjusting the transparency of the image. That way it appears as “see-through” so you can place it over a solid background or photo to create a really cool pattern! You can see how I’ve done that in the lower left-hand corner of the example Mood Board shown above for Step #5.


    If you don’t have an icon or symbol from your logo to use or if you want to create a pattern with something else, you should check out! They have millions of FREE vector icons available that you can easily search through! I’m thinking of creating a video tutorial for using icons from this site to create patterns in Canva… so if you’d like to see it, please be sure to Contact Me and let me know!

    And Just Like That, Your Mood Board Is DONE!

    We went from layout to completion in 5 simple steps! It’s as easy as starting with a layout, adding your logo or brand name, then your photos, colors, and even patterns! Now you have a stunning new Mood Board to show off!


    What’s Next?

    Okay all you DIY designers, I hope this post has given you all of the information, direction, and resources that you’ll need to create your own stunning Mood Board!

    I would love to hear from you if you have any other questions about Mood Boards and Brand Boards that I haven’t already covered above! Also, it would absolutely make my day if you shared your new finished Mood Board with me when it’s done! Please don't hesitate to contact me with an email or DM on Instagram!

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