How To Select The Perfect Colors For Your Logo

My fascination with colors started when I was very young! I can still remember the wide assortment of crayons and nail polish colors that I accumulated before I was 10 years old! Let’s just say that calling my collection huge is an understatement!

To this day, selecting colors for logo design and branding projects is still my absolute favorite part of the process! When I open a new artboard to start browsing through all those color palettes, I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas or a camel on Wednesday… you get the idea!

How To Select The Perfect Colors For Your Logo - FREE Guide

Given that there are literally thousands of shades of colors available, helping to narrow them down is critical to a successful design. I mean, the terms ‘blue’ or ‘gray’ could mean one thing to me but it’s very likely that they mean something completely different to you!

So this is where my FREE color reference guide comes in! It will help you to select the perfect colors for your logo and to be able to specifically identify them to me!

How To Select The Perfect Colors For Your Logo - FREE Guide

Download My FREE 20-Page PDF!

    Pantone® Matching System

    Before you dig in, let me introduce you to what Pantone colors really are! The Pantone® Matching System is a system shared worldwide by graphics, print, and publishing industries. Colors in this system are also sometimes referred to as 'PMS' (for Pantone Matching System) or 'spot colors'.

    The Pantone Solid Colors Palette, with over 1100 unique, numbered colors, was originally devised to help printers and designers specify and control colors for print projects.

    By standardizing these colors, printers and designers in different locations can all reference a Pantone numbered color, making sure colors match as closely as possible.

    The most commonly referenced Pantone colors are in the Pantone Solid palette, which is what I use for my process. However it’s worth an honorable mention that palettes are available for metallic colors, pastel colors, neon colors, and more!

    Colors in the Pantone Solid palette are identified by three or four digit numbers, followed by a C, U, or M suffix. For example, the teal blue in my logo is Pantone 7467, and it can be identified as Pantone 7467C (C= Coated Paper), Pantone 7467U (U= Uncoated Paper) or Pantone 7467M (M=Matte Paper).

    Color Reference Guide

    I have turned a huge selection of the Pantone Solid palette into a 20-page PDF that you can use to choose from hundreds of available colors for your new logo design — it's like the paint aisle at your local home improvement store, all rolled into one handy PDF file!

    You may view these charts to help specify a certain PMS number to use for your logo, however, these charts are intended as a reference guide only. Please be sure to keep this in mind when browsing through the pages:

    PMS colors on computers, tablets, and mobile devices may vary based on the monitor or screen being used. If color matching is critical to your project, do not rely on this as your only method for final color selection. To ensure an accurate PMS match, you should consult a graphic artist or print shop in your area to view an actual Pantone color swatch book.

    How To Select The Perfect Colors For Your Logo - FREE Guide

    Download My FREE 20-Page PDF!

      Using the guide

      Browse through my Color Reference Guide to find the color(s) that you want to be used in your logo design.

      If you’ve chosen a Logo In A Day, when you place your order in my online Logo Shop, there's a space to specify your color choice using the PMS number that best matches your preferences.

      After you receive your first digital proof you will have two (2) opportunities to submit proof change requests (and you can request color changes at that time).

      If you’re going to work with me 1:1 for a fully Custom-Made Logo Design & Branding project, there’s a space in my questionnaire where you can specify your color choice.

      Can I specify Hexachrome (Hex) color codes instead of Pantone?

      Given my previous positions in pre-press environments, it's my opinion that if a designer has only given you Hex color codes for your branding, then they have not completely done their job!

      If you specify a Hex color code instead of a Pantone (PMS) color number when placing your order, I will accept them. If you order the Essential Logo Package or the Watermark Plus Package, I will keep the colors as Hex values in your final logo files.

      However, please know that if you order the Designer Bundle Package or the Limited Edition Package, I will match the values to find the closest equivalent PMS number to use in the creation of your logo. The final files with those packages will include a custom color matching guide, which includes your colors broken down in Pantone (PMS), Hexachrome (Hex), CMYK & RGB values for future color matching reference.

      How To Select The Perfect Colors For Your Logo - FREE Guide

      And that's a wrap!

      I hope this guide is super helpful and inspires some creativity for you to get excited about your new logo design! Don’t forget that I get giddy over all things color, so I would love to hear from you about where you're at with your color hunting, logo planning, and how this post has helped you!

      And of course, if there are any other questions you have or anything else I could help you out with, please don't hesitate to contact me with an email or DM on Instagram!

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