The 5 Things You MUST Do To Successfully Brand Your Biz!

I want to chat with you about setting up a branding strategy in your business.

It might sound confusing or overwhelming (or maybe a little bit boring), but I promise you it’s not!

And the cool part is that when you know how to effortlessly put your brand's best face forward, your business will start changing in some pretty exciting ways…

The 5 Things You Must Do To Successfully Brand Your Biz

You’ll start receiving genuine comments on your Instagram posts to build connections and get to know your future clients a little bit better!

You’ll start seeing notifications that your pins are being saved like wildfire on Pinterest (which in turn leads to more traffic to your website or blog).

And most importantly, you’ll start growing a loyal audience on social media and turn those followers into raving fans of what you've got to offer!

But how do you get started? And what exactly IS a branding strategy?

Let me break it down for you real quick (*rolls up sleeves*).

Your brand is a word, name, symbol, or logo used to identify products or services distinctively from others.

Your branding is an effective way to prominently display your brand on goods, in advertising, and on social media.

Your branding strategy is the countless ways you can communicate your brand beyond the actual logo itself.

And guess what?

Chances are, you're already doing a lot of branding strategy without even realizing it! But is your branding actually hitting the mark in all the possible ways?

Let’s talk about the 5 things you MUST do if you want to successfully brand your business in a way that quickly leads to more revenue!

#1 → Always include your logo (on EVERYTHING)!

It's not a coincidence that there's a swoosh on the side of your sneakers or an emblem on the hood of your car!

Logos are not just for business cards and websites!

One of the most important elements of a branding strategy is brand recognition... and your logo is the head honcho of recognition!

Some variation of your logo should be visible on #allthethings that you create to circulate online!

So whether it's your complete logo in all of its 3-color glory or simply a translucent watermark of your icon or symbol, make sure that it's always included somewhere!

#2 → Show me your colors!

If you've ever seen a crowd at a football game on any given Sunday, you'll absolutely notice a sea of fans with painted faces in their favorite team's colors!

And I'm willing to bet that you can still remember the wide assortment of crayon and nail polish colors that you accumulated before you were 10 years old (amiright?!).

To this day, selecting colors for logo design and branding projects is still my absolute favorite part of the process!

Colors are critical to maintaining brand consistency! Even if your logo is only 1-color (and especially if it's black) you should still select a color palette for your brand!

Once you've committed to those colors, you can really have fun and use them in a variety of ways!

So whether you use the same 2 colors on each graphic you design or create a mood board of 6 colors that you cycle through on rotation... the possibilities are endless!

But show me those colors consistently and I'll be able to recognize you from across a crowded football stadium any day of the week!

#3 → Stay loyal to the same set of fonts!

Fonts, lettering, typography, characters, print, typeface, no matter what you call them, they are vital to your brand!

In my opinion, fonts are just as important as your colors and logo icon. They are memorable and they help create recognition.

Are you ready for a #truthbomb from me here?

It drives me crazy when I see a grab bag of random fonts being used all willy-nilly by a brand on social media!

I mean, you wouldn't put 4 different tires on your car, would you? So please don't use 4 different fonts in one social media graphic (and then 4 entirely new ones for your next post 2 days later).

Just like you've selected a color palette for your brand, you also need to select a font palette (and stick to using only those you've selected).

Not only will it help your audience recognize you, but trust me, it will make your design process go so much faster!

#4 → Don't be shy about using templates!

Think of design templates like recipes for your brand.

When you pull out grandma's famous cookie recipe, you instantly know the exact ingredients that you're going to need to make the perfect batch.

Well, the same goes for templates!

It's such a relief to know that you can pull out your templates and instantly know the exact ingredients that you're going to need to make the perfect design.

You'll already have your logo, your colors, and your fonts right at your fingertips... all you need to do is customize them over and over again.

Having a selection of templates on hand helps you achieve brand consistency and will definitely speed up your content creation process!


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    #5 → Determine (and use) your brand voice!

    One of the first questions on my logo and brand design questionnaire is: "What are 5 words that best describe your company?"

    This is a super important step in identifying the message that you want your brand to convey to your audience!

    I want to challenge you to come up with 3 - 5 words that define the personality of your brand. Think of each word as having its own job description and then putting that word to work for you.

    It's important to remember that once you've determined the words of your brand voice, they will be essential in not only creating your written copy & captions but in selecting your visuals & photos too!

    Got Questions?

    There you have it, my dear! If you can nail these 5 things, you’ll be on your way to the most effective, kick-ass branding strategy in your niche in no time!

    I would love to hear from you if you have any other questions about branding that I haven’t already covered above! Please don't hesitate to contact me with an email or DM on Instagram!

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