Edit text. Edit photos. Edit colors.

Use my templates over & over again, the possibilities are endless! So let’s dig in and see how it’s done!

(If you haven’t already, grab your free templates here!)


What’s Covered You Ask?

Here’s everything that you’re going to learn in my video tutorial:

  • 1 | Make A Copy (00:54) → Whether you’re starting with my templates or a set you’ve gotten elsewhere, you must make a copy of your templates before you start customizing them! If this is your first time playing around with Canva, I suggest making even more than one copy so you can have a “practice” set of templates to learn on.

  • 2 | Photos (02:29) → Add & customize your photos in templates! I’m showing you the ‘Elements’ section with Canva's searchable photo library plus I also explain the ‘Upload’ section so you can create a gallery of your own photos. I walk you through how to add photos to your template, then how to replace, re-position, and more!

  • 3 | Shapes (05:12) → It’s helpful to know how to work with those rectangles, circles, lines, and all other shapes! This section covers how to re-size, move, and align them, plus how to change colors and more!

  • 4 | Text (07:32) → I’m breaking down how to customize all of your text, including how to re-size and how to use text tools to change colors, fonts, size, alignment, spacing, and position. It's super simple (and super fun) to play with fonts!

  • 5 | Additional Tools (10:12) → Without diving too deep, I'm giving you a brief overview of what's available and what to expect when you're working with different elements. Filter & adjust photos, copy elements, control position, remove elements, adjust transparency, add hyperlinks, lock elements in place, and change your screen view to zoom in or out.

  • 6 | Download (13:43) → Once you're thrilled with the way your design looks and you're done customizing, the last step is to download! I show you how to select the file type and page(s) before you download your finished masterpiece!

Now that you know how it’s done, it's time to find your next template pack to get started!